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How to make memory better - Reason and Secret to improve


How to make memory better - Reason and Secret to improve

Memory is crucial. We frequently take it for granted despite the fact that we use it every day. Few people are aware of how crucial memory is to our daily lives. But it shouldn't be like this. Our survival depends on our capacity for memory. You should therefore make an effort to improve your memory.

It will begin with a minor incident, such as forgetting a coworker's birthday. After that, you'll start to forget the birthdays of your friends and family. Then, if God forbid, you forget your own keys inside your house, it will be time to figure out how to get to your favorite restaurant. We all experience moments of forgetfulness, but sometimes situations become so bad that you need to find ways to improve your memory.

There are ways to at least enhance the memories we already have and make us a little less forgetful, even though not everyone is born with a photographic memory. This is especially valid for those who are getting older. The neurons in our brains deteriorate with age. Others work more slowly than usual while some people pass away. This explains why older individuals have less accurate memories than their comparably younger contemporaries.

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Here are some of the reasons why you should:

1. It identifies who we are :

Your identity is determined by the memories in your life. You won't know who you are if you try to erase all of your memories. The people we become in the future will be determined by the experiences we have had in the past. It will be challenging for us to move forward in the future without a memory of the past. We will need to re-establish relationships and develop a sense of self, just as we did when we were still developing.

2. It supports our educational goals :

To acquire new knowledge and skills, we use our memories. In order to pass our subjects in school, we must memorize a lot of information, so memory skills are crucial. When it comes to exams and recitations, memory is what we rely on. However, memory is not only used for memorization. Memory is also used to acquire knowledge. Our brains' work teaches us how to do things.


3. It supports us in our work :

Even though we won't be answering questions on tests when we're at work, memory is still important to help us keep track of our schedules and the meetings we've had with people. There are some occupations that heavily rely on a strong memory. When you have to stay on top of your boss' schedules, you need it as a secretary. When you work as a journalist, you need to remember the quotes from the people you interview. Even as the business's owner, you require it. You must keep in mind every product you produce, the capital you used, and the revenue you received for the second quarter of the year.

4. It helps build relationships :

People who can recall names even on the same night are perceived as being warmer and more intelligent than those who struggle to do so. Because doing so demonstrates respect and appreciation for others, personal relations employees are trained to recall names instantly. When people remember our names, it makes us feel important and we pass on those positive emotions to them.

Having an excellent memory also helps people remember birthdays. This is particularly true for men who frequently overlook birthday and anniversary dates. People who remember important dates are perceived as being more thoughtful and caring than those who frequently forget. Even though it's not actually a sign or test of love, people still interpret remembering birthdays in that way.

Actually, memory is a reflection of our thought processes. A strong memory typically indicates a strong cognitive ability. So, when you work to strengthen your memory, you are also strengthening your cognitive processes. And with that, you really don't need as many justifications.

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Here are some of the Secrets to make memory better :

1. Use images or sounds :

People can either use visuals or sounds to help them remember something, depending on the type of learner they are. You can see a to-do list in your mind by simply staring at the paper if you are having trouble remembering one, for example. Some people, however, require hearing a list of their responsibilities before they can recall everything that needs to be done. Try thinking back to how you memorized information in school to determine which method will work for you. Are you reading the words aloud or silently?

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2. Consider associations :

When it comes to remembering things, our brains also require assistance. The easier we can make it for the brain to remember information, the better it will be retained. Associations play a role in this situation. A method that has been used to enhance memory is associating information with things that we already know or can see. Have you ever heard of mnemonics, for instance? When learning a group of words, we frequently form a sentence or a word from the first letter of each word. Our brains learn words more quickly when we associate the first letter of the word with that letter.

3. Imagine it :

Do you ever wonder why those with a truly excellent memory are referred to as having a "photographic memory"? This is due to the fact that individuals who truly memorize well or have excellent memories do not focus on a single thing or piece of information when committing it to memory. They view an image of the words grouped together. A person with a grocery list, for instance, will typically memorize the items one at a time, whereas someone who has learned to improve their memory will memorize it all at once. When they are able to see the list clearly in their minds' eye, they will look at the list and visualize it as a whole.

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4. Eat healthy :

Examining your diet is a crucial step in improving your memory. Your ability to remember things will be significantly influenced by your diet. Consuming wholesome foods will improve and speed up brain function. When consuming well-known brain foods like tofu, milk, and fish, this is particularly true.

There are numerous ways to improve your memory, but the most crucial step is to make a firm commitment to doing so.

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