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The Urge To Smoke: 7 Ways To Stop It


The Urge To Smoke: 7 Ways To Stop It

Although everyone is aware of the harmful effects of smoking on one's health, quitting the habit remains difficult. Quitting smoking can be very difficult, whether you've been a pack-a-day smoker all your life or just an occasional teen.

Both a physical addiction and a psychological habit, smoking is. A brief, addictive high is provided by the nicotine in cigarettes. Your body experiences physical withdrawal symptoms and cravings when you stop getting your daily fix of nicotine. You may turn to cigarettes as a quick and dependable way to improve your outlook, relieve stress, and unwind due to nicotine's "feel good" effect on the brain. Smoking is a common coping mechanism for emotions like boredom, anxiety, and depression. Finding new, better ways to deal with those emotions is what quitting means.

It takes a long time to try to stop smoking. This may require a very long time, such as several years, or it may only take a short time, such as a few weeks or months. The precise length of time it takes to stop smoking can vary greatly, but what matters is that you develop a strategy for overcoming your cravings. You will experience times when the urge to smoke is extremely strong during your attempts to stop. Your eventual success will be greatly influenced by how you respond to this circumstance. Being ready for the urge to smoke will help you maintain your resolve and move forward with your attempt to successfully stop smoking.

Tip 1: 

    Determine precisely when you typically smoke. For instance, right after meals, right after a quick jog around the block, or even right after your morning shower. Knowing when you usually smoke will help you come up with a strategy to fend off the urge.

Tip 2:

    Make an attack strategy. A stress ball for your hands or even just a piece of hard candy to occupy your mouth could be used for this. When you want to smoke, try brushing your teeth or sucking on a candy with a mint flavor to freshen your breath if you really enjoy the taste and feeling of a clean mouth.

Tip 3:

    Avoid the hidden temptations. Make sure you sit in the no smoking area when you go out to eat. Avoid entering tobacco shops, and try to spend as little time as possible around smokers. It will be much more difficult to resist temptation if cigarettes are constantly around you.

Tip 4:

    Get rid of all smoking equipment in your home. This entails getting rid of all ashtrays, lighters, matches, and the cigarette odor. The smell of cigarettes, which can also make you want to smoke, can be effectively removed with the help of products like Nicotex.

Tip 5:

    If you have a spot in your home where you usually smoke, consider redecorating the space. You will be much better able to resist temptation if you can break the pattern of the circumstance. This works best if you have a consistent smoking routine in the same location, like a living room with a window. You can lessen the temptation to smoke whenever you are sitting in the chair and gazing out the window if you move the chair to a different part of the room or reposition the room's focal point.

Tip 6:

    Put your desire to stop smoking in writing. This may seem like a small thing, but it can actually make a big difference in how committed you are to keeping your goal of quitting smoking at the top of your agenda. You are more likely to cheat and ultimately give in to the urge to light up again if you simply tell yourself that you want to stop smoking. You are more likely to actually achieve your goal if you have put it in writing. This holds true for any goal, including giving up smoking, losing weight, switching up your exercise regimen, etc. Setting goals in writing can greatly increase accountability.

Tip 7:

    Don't undervalue who you are. You will be much more capable of achieving the success you require if you are positively certain that you can succeed. It's crucial to have confidence in your ability to succeed. This will enable you to resist any strong urges that may arise. It will be much more difficult to make up for any slack you intentionally gave yourself if you choose to slip up. However, if you remain steadfast in your resolve to stop smoking, you'll discover that every urge you experience is easier to manage.

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